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RayIoT Solutions

Preventive / Assistive
Area of Focus
Hardware, Med Tech
Early Growth Stage
Summary of Product / Services Offered

CoVid is a respiratory disease (begins and ends at the lungs) and the one symptom that differentiates it from Flu is shortness of breath. We use patent-pending sensor technology with AI and DSP algorithms to track breathing rate patterns. This enables you to convert any space into a quarantine space with a clinical setting. RayIoT can help with the following: Acts as a mini non contact ICU Unit: There are 4 vitals that get tracked in an ICU unit when you are monitoring a CoVid patient. Respiration Rate, Heart Rate, BP and Temperature. Central Quarantine Database: All the devices can be connected to one central database that lets you monitor more than 1 Lakh patients at a time continuously. By just tracking respiration rate, you are able to intelligently categorize the quarantine patients into mild, severe and critical cases. Video and Audio option: The doctor can see the video and the audio of the patient who is categorized as critical or severe. This also helps Doctors to select the patient who needs care and direct the resources to the right patient. Doctors remain safer as they avoid contact with the patients. Demo:

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