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NEO Inventronix

Area of Focus
Medical Devices, Hardware
Early Stage
Summary of Product / Services Offered

The company has developed GermiBAN, a device that kills viruses and other germs by sterilizing, sanitizing and disinfecting any room size of 900 sqft to 1000 sqft. The device is of 5ft height and 50kgs weight and should be placed in a closed room for 15min. It can be operated with a remote control and kills all the micro organisms like bacteria,virus,fungi,algae,ionizes Particulate Matter (PM). It will also neutralises air pollution gases like NOx and SOx and act as Air Purifier,Sanitizer and Sterilizer. As the device is also active in killing CoronaVirus in the air thereby stopping the spread, it can be installed in any hospitals,labs,quarantine rooms,isolation rooms of coronavirus and any facility where there is prevalent of Corona Virus infections exists in the air.


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