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As the world is currently looking at a serious healthcare challenge caused by the pandemic Covid-19, Invest India with its innovation programs Start-up India and AGNIi (Accelerating Growth of New India’s Innovations) is scouting for innovative technologies and solutions for precautionary as well as treatment-related interventions. Invest India is building a one-stop repository of innovative solutions for ready access by the government and the private sector for further development and deployment. The innovative solutions may include/assist: a) Personnel protective equipment such as low-cost masks which can capture virus from the air and absorb respiratory droplets b) Testing equipment such as Cost-effective thermal scanning devices and rapid diagnostic kits (paper- based and other point-of-care devices) c) Critical- care equipment including portable oxygenators and hospital and home-based ventilators to monitor and control the spread of the new coronavirus d) Large area sanitization and sterilization (including electrostatic spray and Ultra-Violet treatment for various available surfaces like glass, ceramic, wood, textile) e) AI-based technology for contactless entry f) Movement tracking using mobile apps to diagnose contagion and track people movements in quarantine areas/ lockdown regions g) Geofencing h) Crowd management such as drones armed with heat-sensing cameras i) Fake news detection j) Any other critical aspect related to COVID-19

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