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InspireMe accelerator Program


InspireMe accelerator Program provides access to capital and strategic advice to accelerate the learning curve of the startup journey. The support includes - An intensive online three month program with an investment up to $100k; Product Validation; achieving product-market fit; developing a successful Branding and digital strategy marketing plan, and sales strategy; Access to industry partnerships with technology companies like IBM, Microsoft etc and fundraising support; advise on Legal and regulatory services, Tax planning, Compliance services; Free partner offerings like Cloud services and software packages. The program is looking for disruptive healthcare startups focusing on COVID-19, in the following areas: - Tests / diagnostics - Treatments and vaccines - Equipment for hospitals - Ways to reduce transmission - Monitoring and data infrastructure - Tools for Research and Development

Leading Org
Mobelization, Inc
Deadline to Apply
April 30th 2020
Dates for the program
3 Months Program

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