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CoronaVirus Fact-Checking Grant Program

Ticket Size
Up to $50,000

The budget will be distributed as flash grants based on proposals including but not limited to the below activities: - Translation of fact checks from native languages to different languages - Multimedia (videos, infographics, podcasts) production about COVID-19 - Working with health experts for evidence-based and scientific coverage - Audience development initiatives that use innovative formats, such as offline or interactive communication, to better reach people with reliable information - Fact-checkers supporting public authorities with reliable information for better communication about COVID-19 - Supporting existing efforts of the fact-checking organization’s fight against misinformation on COVID-19 All proposals should emphasize on amplifying the fact-checking work, increase the reach and impact of the CoronaVirusFacts Alliance and the fight against health misinformation related to COVID-19 only

Deadline to Apply
2nd April 2020

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