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Indo-US virtual networks for COVID-19

Ticket Size
INR 25 Lacs to INR 50 Lacs

To support the global efforts of the medical and scientific community, IUSSTF announces a Call for Proposals for COVID-19 Indo-U.S. Virtual Networks. IUSSTF encourages proposals that convincingly demonstrate the benefits and value of the Indo-U.S. partnership to advance research and address critical challenges related to COVID-19. Virtual Networks would allow Indian and U.S. scientists and engineers currently engaged in COVID-related research to carry out joint research activities through a virtual mechanism, leveraging existing infrastructure and funding. These network projects could be of two types: 1. Knowledge R&D Networks that enable Indian and U.S. scientists from Academia and National Laboratories to conduct joint research and encourage the integration of research and education. 2. Public-Private Virtual Networks that enable Indian and U.S. scientists from Academia and Industry to collaborate on pre-commercial R&D activities having potential towards applied research and product development. Applications are due on May 15, 2020 11:59 PM, including approval by the Lead Partner. Please ensure that you keep enough time to submit the application. Once you submit the application, a mail will be sent out to the other Lead Partner to examine and approve the application. Only after approval by both Leads, will it be accepted for evaluation.

Deadline to Apply
15 May 2020

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