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IKP Knowledge Park

Ticket Size
Up to Rs. 20 lakhs

IKP Knowledge Park, along with IKP Trust, has launched the ICO-Fund, to nurture innovations that are ready for production to fight the COVID-19 situation. Through this endeavor, IKP and IKP Trust will be working with entrepreneurs, corporate(s) and government agencies to contribute in the management of the COVID-19 pandemic. We will enable the selected entrepreneurs to fine-tune their solutions for manufacturing, and connect with manufacturing facilities and supply-chain networks to help in the production, deployment and distribution of their innovations. Quick FAQs: 1. The financial assistance will be 50% grant, and 50% returnable capital with simple interest of 5% per annum over 36 months. 2. The fund is open to Indian Companies / Companies registered in India, with production ready solutions. 3. IKP will help connect with large manufacturing companies that will help the innovations be produced at deployed at scale.

Deadline to Apply
3rd April 2020

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